Sri Lanka’s agent to Rome, Daya Pelpola, simultaneously accredited to Albania, exhibited the Letter of Credence to Bujar Nishani, President of the Republic of Albania on 13th March at the Presidential Palace in Tirana.

Amid exchanges with Ambassador Pelpola, the Albanian President was sharp in fortifying and enhancing relations between the two nations, expressing that there are numerous open doors accessible to grow participation. He additionally expressed that Albania has experienced a troublesome past, yet looking towards lively development and monetary advancement later on. The Albanian President indicated incredible enthusiasm for Sri Lanka’s most recent political and financial advancements and empowered associations in various circles between the two nations.

Ambassador Pelpola while briefing the Albanian President expressed that the National Unity Government has found a way to modify the nation on a three-column structure of strengthening democracy, reconciliation and economic development. He additionally specified that the present Government respects the support of the international community towards these activities and invited encourage joint effort between the two nations.

Formal diplomatic ties between Sri Lanka and Albania were built up in 1980, with Sri Lanka’s accreditation to Albania from Rome and Albania’s accreditation to Sri Lanka from Beijing.