Foreign Minister of Korea Yun Byung-se expressed the keenness of the Government of Korea to put resources into the fields of Research and Development, Information Technology, Health, and Education.

Meeting with Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe yesterday (15) at Temple Trees the Korean Foreign Minister also expressed that his government is enthused about investing in the Megapolis extend.

He additionally said that the Korean government while enhancing the collaboration between two nations will find a way to build the Cooperation for Development from USD 300 million to USD 500 million and give water bowsers and other facilities for the dry season – influenced individuals.

Alluding to the current overcome act by a Sri Lankan young man working in Korea, who safeguarded an old lady who was burst in an into flames, the foreign minister said that Sri Lankans are considered as national legends by the Korean individuals. He additionally adulated the Sri Lankans working in Korea.

Minister Yun Byung-se respected the devotion and the dedication of the Prime Minister for the national concordance and the reconciliation.

Prime Minister Wickremesinghe in light of the meeting Korean minister said that it is relied upon to additionally reinforce the respective connection between the two nations, which is commending the 40th commemoration. He additionally asked for the Korean minister to bolster the remodel of the National Institute of Education, and to additionally broaden the vocational education and the e-library benefit.