President Maithripala Sirisena says Sri Lanka is performing for the advancement of its people with much obligation, with regards to the contracts of UN, as an member from United Nations. He said the government is taking the procedure to guarantee human rights and reconciliation forward well ordered.

The President made these comments amid his meeting with Prince Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights yesterday (22) in New York.

The president brought up if the government would take sudden activities with respect to these, the fanatic gatherings will take points of interest. He said two years are adequate for Sri Lanka to finish the issues received by UNHRC determination. He welcomed Prince Hussein to visit Sri Lanka to witness the advance it has been accomplished.

The President clarified about the means taken by the government of Sri Lanka to guarantee human rights and compromise. He called attention to this errand ought to be performed with exhaustive comprehension about the inner political and social issues, and also global politics issues and culture.

President Sirisena expressed that he marked the pertinent journal notice to set up the workplace on missing people previously he made this official visit to US. He said this office will be effectively worked. He said courses of action have been made to display a draft on new constitution to the parliament.

The President said all terrains in the East which were under the control of security powers have now been discharged. He expressed that a generous degree of grounds in the North likewise have been discharged and the rest will be discharged to the general population subsequent to fathoming the applicable authoritative issues.

United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights complimented Sri Lanka’s advance in these issues. He said he will be more fulfilled if this voyage of Sri Lankan government will be speeded up. He praised the moves made to set up the workplace on missing persons. He asked for to name officers for this office from all groups with the goal that each group can acknowledge the activities of the workplace. He included the UN Human Rights Council will give its fullest help to Sri Lanka on this respect.