COLOMBO, March 22nd — We’re receiving continuous reports regarding illegal Dog and Cat meat trade around the globe, but “ Yulin Dog Meat Festival in China” took very special place, because the brutal practice of torturing dogs before slaughtering them for meat during the festival season. About more than 10,000 dogs and cats are expected to be killed and eaten during the controversial 10-day festival in Yulin. Several dogs are crowded together and denied proper food, water and veterinary care as, confused and terrified , they wait to die.

The local government says the festival does not have official sponsorship but rather is arranged by private organizations. Offering dog meat for human consumption is lawful in China, with an expected 10 million dogs murdered for human consumption consistently.

According to the poll published by the state news agency Xinhua showed that 64% of people aged 16 to 50 would support a permanent end to the Yulin dog meat festival. Another 51.7%, inculding Yulin residents, wanted the dog meat trade banned completely, with 69.5% claiming to have never eaten dog meat.

The congressman Alcee Hastings introduced a bill H.Res.30 — 115th Congress (2017-2018) issued for condemning the Dog Meat Festival in Yulin, China, and urging China to end the dog meat trade because,

  1. is a spectacle of extreme animal cruelty,
  2. is a commercial activity not grounded in Chinese history,
  3.  is opposed by a majority of the Chinese people,
  4. and threatens global public health.


And it urges:

  •  the government of China and the Yulin authorities to ban the killing and eating of dogs as part of Yulin’s festival and to enforce China’s food safety laws regulating the processing and sale of animal products and the 2011 Agriculture Ministry of China Regulation on the Quarantine of Dogs at the Place of Origin requiring one certificate for one dog on trans-provincial transport trucks,
  •  and the National People’s Congress of China to enact an animal anticruelty law that bans the dog meat trade.


Time is ticking and the enormous killing of dogs and cats are relied upon to happen a seemingly endless amount of time so we should get our voices united and raised not simply to spare the lives but rather spare the expectation in mankind – to be a piece of an empathetic world where we as a whole meet up to stand up and stand up for all innocent life, not only the life of humankind. In the event that we dismiss and overlook the cries/pleas of these innocents, then we really have moved in the opposite direction of being human”kind”.


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  1. Please help make the world more aware to this horrific Trade and the Festival . This must end .

  2. Shocking about the dog an cat meattrade. Horrific to say the least. Thank you for publishing the story.

  3. Fantastic article
    What is happening over there is beyond barbaric
    This country needs to be exposed for the sadists that they are

  4. dear sir I am writing to you or begging you can you help us stop this evil the murder off hundreds of dogs and cats for food this is mass murder for yulin ferversal and other days were they torture skin boil burn cut there paws off cut them open all while alive they steal family pets loved pets if you had a pet and your children loved it with all there hearts and it was stolen and they saw it being skinned sreaming in pain how do they think they will feel so I am asking you will you help stop this murder

    1. I know how its feel. And I also having a dog. She is not just a pet, she is like a family member to us. At least I didn’t put a collar to her neck. She needs her freedom.

  5. There is no scientific evidence that eating dog and cat meat gives you health benefits or virility. This is horrid, extremely cruel and torture! Please make it illegal to raise, torture, kill and sell dog and cat meat.

    1. I totally agree. they need to be educated forcefully if need be that their ideas are ancient, and ridiculous. It would be laughable if it wasnt so sickening. Why are these countries so backwards. They have no feelings for any other species but themselves, and yet go to great lengths to bow etc to show respect for eachother.

  6. Cruel, barbaric, evil, China and Korea Vietnam, countries need to wake up and see what the world is thinking of your countries. This is just going to esculate. The world is catching on. Stop it!!!

  7. Thank You for this. people need to learn the truth and even the news broadcasts that have aired a story on it did not cover the REAL ISSUE…THE TORTURE! These innocent dogs …and cats…are skinned alive, boiled torched hung dismembered electrocuted anally and orally but no one will touch on this . My partner and I were interviewed by fox 40 and she even ASKED ME TO DESCRIBE WHAT HAPPENS to them and they aired NONE OF THE INTERVIEW. Our government and media need to quit tip toeing around society’s feelings and TELL THE TRUTH …THE REALITY OF WHAT REALLY GOES ON NOT ONLY AT YULIN BUT THE DOG AND CAT MEAT TRADE ALL TOGETHER. Because when you have the meat trade…the torture is guaranteed!!!

  8. Eat a dog to feed your family if you must, but do it with respect and kill it humanely. The way these animals (and others) are treated is barbaric.

  9. Bonjour,

    Il faut interdire la viande de chiens et de chats, interdire la fourrure de chiens et de chats, dépecés
    Vivants, cette fourrure se retrouve sur les manteaux, personne en Europe regarde, c’est un scandale planétaire.

  10. Stop immediately hurting, torturing and murdering animals, you cruel subhuman asians! I hate you and your evil deeds! You are a shame to mankind!

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